This adorable little asshole is the bunny I’m babysitting for the next ten days.  I want to name him John; my little brother wants to name him Coal.  But that is beside the point!  The point here is that my neighbor, who currently owns this adorable little asshole, needs a new home for him.

My dad is dead set against us getting a bunny.  This is because he believes the bunny will smell.  He believes he will end up having to take care of the bunny.

My neighbor has two other people who are interested in the bun.

Now, I would really like to keep this adorable little asshole!  He is fluffy and cute and sweet.  He’s sitting on my lap right now, in fact.  So I have a part to play here:  I clean the litterbox and feed bun and change bun’s water and take care of bun to prove myself.

But Tumblr can have a part too!

If you reblog or like this, it’ll count as ‘one person who believes I have the responsibility required to take care of the bun.’  Then I can show this to my dad and be all like, yo, Dad, look at all these people who think I can take care of bun.  You should have faith in me to take care of bun too.

This would mean a lot to me because bun is really rad and I like him a lot.  Wow.  So does my little brother.  Wow.  Dang.


tagged- rabbit. bun. bunny. pls.

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